New York Minutes

Not that anybody really needed it of course, but my latest trip to The Big Apple happily provided yet more proof to the ever-swelling argument that the wonders of New York stretch way beyond the city’s towering skyscrapers, taxi-lined avenues, and the unfathomable draw of Times Square’s chaotic crowds.

Airbnb-ing in Greenpoint, along with an indulgent night of unrivalled luxury (and views!) at The Wythe, allowed for an incredibly chilled “neighbourhood” stay.

Punctuated highlights included a ‘first morning’ brunch at Park Luncheonette, a just-as-lazy lunch at Marlow & Sons, the most delicious of ‘last night’ dinners at Cafe Mogador, a regular morning bench stop outside Cafe Edna, the most incredible $7 fries (courtesy of Home Frite at Smorgasburg; a foodie heaven set inside The Brooklyn Flea), Brooklyn Bridge walking, Central Park cycling…and, well, did I mention the Wythe? Oh The Wythe.
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