All the Way from Memphis

Well this is nothing more than a few pictures from my three or so days in Memphis.

My overriding view of the city was that it was quite a difficult one to get to know intimately (in such a short space of time, at least), although that was probably also something of a symptom of me traveling alone, and not hiring a car.

Anyhow, I still happened to have the very best fried chicken in my entire life (take a bow, Gus’s), indulge myself in all sorts of music history and memorabilia (making it to Sun Studios had been on my list since I was 16) and did plenty of kicking back in the huge loft apartment I’d rented through Airbnb.

My last day took in a visit to the wonderful yet emotionally-crippling National Civil Rights Museum. An absolute must for anyone visiting the city.

And with that, a road trip awaits. I’m Nashville bound.



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